Information Network Unit at Tanta University

The development and convergence among various types of networks has become a current reality. All the educational institutions can benefit from this unprecedented development. In addition, the development in the area of PCs and their capabilities opened a new horizon for connecting these PCs so that the institutions can benefit from their combined capabilities. Educational, office, and administrative information systems are now one of the most prominent applications in the academic field. Hence, it was important to provide such systems in a way that relies on computer technology, networks and communications to offer services to the researchers, academic staff, students and the external community as well, in order to improve their experiences and raise their educational potential.
Thereupon, Tanta University had a pioneering role in this field as one of the most prestigious academic institutions. It started providing research and educational services through the Information Network Unit that was inaugurated in December 1997, to provide its services to academic staff, researchers, and students, in addition to various companies and authorities. The University was keen on providing these services at the highest level of accuracy, speed and efficiency.

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